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Just OUAT Things: The way Emma and Snow act alike

Ginny said in a commentary that she and Jen both have a habit of copying other peoples' mannerisms. Josh responded by saying it made the mother/daughter relationship even more believable. /// I don't watch Once but I like this.

Biggest Jerk in Storybrook?

Gold- biggest jerk in storybrooke. Have to agree with Ginny here, David Nolan was a jerk<<I love how they said, "I just came here for the ice cream.

Once Upon A Time 3x22 (best scene ever) #CaptainSwaw #Hook and #Emma

this scene still give me goosebumps everytime I watch it. This is the moment Emma realized that he would do anything for her! MY LIFE IS DONE, THANK U CAPTAIN SWAN!" And this is the moment I was okay with captain swan!