Lasagna Cups

Lasagna Cups

Lasagna Cups: Probably would NOT make these again. A lot more work than normal lasagna and the cups/pasta got very hard and dried out while baking. Tasted great, but would just make it like a regular lasagna next time.

Garden lasagna

Basil always helps add a fresh taste to any dish. This Garden Lasagna is topped with basil and filled with vegetables for a great, summery taste. Some recipes for Lasagna contain meat. But have no fear vegetarians, this lasagna is meat free.

rosemary chicken lasagna

Rosemary Chicken Lasagne (use meat substitute): egg roll wrappers are used in place of lasagne noodles, making this a lighter, more delicate lasagne & faster since there's no need to boil them. No red sauce, this has a rosemary béchamel instead.

Ravioli Skillet Lasagna

Ravioli Skillet Lasagna

Ravioli skillet lasagna - great recipe - 2 cups pasta sauce cup water 1 9 ounce package refrigerated or frozen cheese- or meat-filled ravioli 1 egg, lightly beaten 1 15 ounce carton ricotta cheese.

Artichoke Chicken Lasagna

Artichoke Chicken and Spinach Lasagna

Artichoke Chicken and Spinach Lasagna - it has "a creamy Parmesan sauce that takes the place of tomato sauce".with chicken, baby spinach, and artichokes, healthy and delicious

Zucchini Lasagna via Williams-Sonoma  #healthy #zucchini #dinner

Zucchini Lasagna

For all of you with a few too many zucchinis in your garden! (For My Mom )Zucchini Lasagna via Williams-Sonoma

Extra-Easy Lasagna

Extra-Easy Lasagna

Extra-Easy Lasagna Recipe - Southern Comfort Food: Rich and Satisfying Casserole Recipes - Southern Living

Turkey and Spinach Lasagna | Healthy. Delicious.

Turkey Spinach and Mushroom Lasagna from Healthy. This is a great recipe. I'm going to substitute the turkey for more mushrooms!

So delicious... U can also use goat cheese

awesome spinach and ricotta cannelloni. I use slightly more spinach and organic fresh ricotta from the farm. My favorite dinner. Great great recipe, thanks Jamie Oliver.

Sausage, Chard, and Lemon Lasagna

Sausage, Chard, and Lemon Lasagna

Sausage, chard and lemon lasagna: A layer of refreshing lemon slices brightens every bite of this lasagna made of sweet Italian sausage and Swiss chard. Instead of tomato sauce, the dish is made with a creamy and cheesy white sauce.

Zucchini-and-Spinach Lasagna

Quick and Easy Vegetarian Recipes

Pack your farmers' market favorites in this vegetarian lasagna. Fresh basil, zucchini, and spinach are baked with both ricotta and flavored cream cheese for a hearty casserole. Zucchini and Spinach Lasagna Recipes