Więcej pomysłów od użytkownika alicjaac
I NEED THE JUG AND TILES  White Modern Kitchen with Blue Tiled Alcove and Woodburning Stove
Wood burner                                                                                                                                                                                 More
Jotul F500 Cast Iron Wood Burning Stove available at Browsers Furniture Co., Limerick, Ireland
How to style a nightstand - elements of a well-styled nightstand - waterlogue nightstand styling photo - this is our bliss
The things we do for a picture. Mine was stretching out over murky waters to get a picture of a gator.
Here is my project for the night, a $5 DIY softbox made from a lasagna pan.
Photography tips | Learn how to use your camera | If you have problems with the natural lighting and don’t have money for quality artificial lighting, maybe the solution for you could be this DIY Project - DIY Softbox Spiderlite.
To the photographers out there... here's a suggestion. Handmade beauty dish. #somethingtothinkabout
Getting The Most Out Of Your Modifiers
Pinterest: @eighthhorcruxx. All black outfit with tan coat and leopard print heels. #winter #ootd