Alexander Lethinen
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Blood Magic  by *GENZOMAN  Blood magic is like that avatar concept of driving water (damn, I need to see the new seasson T_T) , but using body a odd concept, but is in some oriental myths... right, the guy looks sephirotesque or somekind of vishual, j-pop guy, skinny with white hair.
'It was very long ago, and we are cursed never to forget.'
Guy with blonde white hair
Loki, I'm liking the longer hair. Best Bad Guy Ever
I make this face all the time... Except, I'm not sure if it actually looks like this, or just like a deformed face...
Im trying to decide whether i want white hair or purple hair. I dont mean tips or highlights or partial i mean full on entire head of hair white or purple. What do you guys think? Seriously?
IF I had straight hair...But I don't.  Maybe if I cut the sides short like this, but the top would still be weirdly wurled (wavy/curled).
Love the dimensions in the hair color, or at least in the photo lighting!
jamican/white hair hybrid...intresting...i dig
white hair *waiting for Ren to come up in the search "white hair guy". Something about white hair on young guys, though...