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Levitate Architects used a staircase to a loft-like bedroom to create an enormous amount of book storage space. Even though the staircase isn’t very compact but could accomodate so many books that it would save some space anyway.

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Object Élevé is a clever, semi-suspended staircase that also serves as storage and work space. Object Élevé was designed by Dutch design firm Studio Mieke Meijer and was commissioned by Just Haasnoot.

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Decorating , Top 40 Under Stair Storage Idea : Under Stair Storage Open Storage

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z15124105Q,Zastosowanie-tanich-materialow-pozwolilo-pani-Ewie.jpg (620×826)

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Doehler is a minimalist house located in New York, designed by SABO project. SABO project is currently in the process of completing the gut renovation of a Brooklyn loft located in a former die casting factory built in

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AND HOW ABOUT the back a garage that has an attic storage space, no more pull down stairs, give it a cheap railing. storage for the garage!

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Storage, Astonishing Custom Wooden Bookshelves Inside Stairs In Mahogany Design Ideas Custom Bookcase Stairs Design Wooden Stairs Without Handle In Modern Living Room Interior ~ Compact Under Stair Storage Ikea to Utilize Under Stair Space

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Another Bookshelf/Staircase in a London Apt - Stairs, Designs Of Stairs Inside House, Home Stairs Ideas, Staircase Design Ideas, Modern And Retro Staircase Designs For Big And Small Homes

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Some weeks ago on Grand Designs' episode I got to know about the Corkellis House designed by Kathryn Tyler. The Corkellis House is located.

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img_4834.jpg (277×185)

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Under Stairs Storage - A popular use of a basement is for a media room or den. This under the stairs storage is slick and chic! Interesting shelving and easy reach makes it such a viable choice.