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While it's actually quite space-efficient considering that it can grow so many different plants simultaneously, the GrowBox isn't exactly petite. Measuring in at about 4' x 2', the unit takes up a sizable chunk of real estate (that many urban dwellers simply can't spare).

The Opcom Farm hydroponic GrowBox lets you grow and harvest fresh vegetables all year-round.

GrowBox Indoor Hydroponic Gardening System

OPCOM Farm's GrowWall and GrowBox are environmentally-friendly indoor hydroponic gardening systems for growing plants, veggies, fruit and more.

MY SAD INTRODUCTION TO THE BETTA MYTH: http://NippyFish.net/2011/10/23/the-native-betta-habitat-separating-fact-from-fiction ............... Betta's Ancestral Habitat is 114,332 Sq. Miles Of Water: THE MEKONG LOWER BASIN —In Nature bettas can survive puddles, but ▶WILL ALWAYS SEEK OUT BETTER HABITAT.

A fish tank and garden all in one! Grow your own herbs and vegetables with this clever aquaponic farm. As your fish produces natural waste, it becomes fertilizer for the plants above. This three-gallon tank is the perfect home for a fish and up to six pla