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Aleksandra Lipska

Aleksandra Lipska
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Hetalia_Germany and Prussia. Awww... Prussia is such a good big brother ^^

Hetalia_Germany and Prussia. Prussia is such a good big brother ^^ <--- Earmuff sneak-attack looks like it would make for good target practice, too, on a side note.

---HETALIA--- Building a tower of hamburgers on top of a sick person's head is always a good idea :D (This also may lead to (minor/major(?)) injuries)

America, France and England from Hetalia Axis Powers. America is trying to help cure England's cold. His method is out of this world, ne? This is funny, ne?

I finally managed to get off my lazy bum and do some Hetalia fanart for once and it& also the first contest entry as well~ Work for the contest: in the group Ukraine (c) Hetalia, Hidekaz Himaruya

10 Years of Hetalia Anniversary! by simply-lau on DeviantArt

No matter how many people left this fandom, I'm still one huge fan here screaming of joy! xD Today's the anniversary from when. 10 Years of Hetalia Anniversary!