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Aleksander Dittmann

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Aleksander Dittmann
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Brain and spinal cord with the meninges still intact. Viewed posteriorly

scienceyoucanlove: “ Brain and spinal cord with dural membranes (meninges) still intact, held aloft and viewed posteriorly. Below the skull and around the spinel cord are three special coverings.

Human Heart, ready for the transplant

“ A human heart destined for transplant lies cradled in a TransMedics Organ Care System. The device can keep a heart warm and beating—and viable for many hours longer than the conventional method for handling donor hearts: immersion in a saline.

Skull base hinge fracture following blunt force trauma to the side of the head

This horizontally oriented skull fracture was a result of a side impact when the side of the driver’s head impacted a tree as the vehicle slid to a stop against the tree.

• Meningitis: S. pneumoniae se puede diseminar al sistema nervioso central después de una bacteriemia, infecciones del oído o los senos, o un traumatismo craneoencefálico que origine una comunicación del espacio subaracnoideo con la nasofaringe.

“ A brain autopsy demonstrating signs of meningitis. The forceps (center) are retracting the dura mater (white). Underneath the dura mater are the leptomeninges, which appear to be edematous and have.