great way to serve fruit!

What fun, sweet treat? Fill these waffle cones full of fresh fruit for a summer snack, or picnic dessert. Healthy bonus: they are full of anti-oxidants! (Use red and blue fruits, maybe mini marshallows too?

~ fillets of salmon with jack daniel's glaze & onion rings ~

Fillets of salmon with Jack Daniel's glaze and onion rings. Probably shouldn't do the onion rings. but whiskey glazed salmon sounds AMAZING!

~ caramelized carrots with feta cheese ~

Roasted Carrots with Feta and Parsley

Caramelized Carrots with Feta Cheese salad. I hate cooked carrots, but I might actually eats these!

Cool Food Art Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter

Cool Food Art Pictures : we love this inspiration for fun food crafts and snack to keep the kids happy over summer vacation!

~ salad niçoise ~

This salad looks amazing. Nicoise Salad is one of my all-time favorites. Niçoise Salad from Martha Stewart


People who love to eat are always the best people - Julia Child quote


Flatbreads w/ Pesto, Tomatoes, Feta Cheese and grow-your-own Cress for Avenir Magazine

~brie and figs paired with moscato~

Brie and Figs paired with Moscato

Brie and Figs paired with Moscato wine. You can also pair this with a wonderful Belgian tripel, it will intensify the flavors of the beer as you pair them with the earthiness of figs and the creaminess of Brie.

Kasze i ciekawe propozycje przepisów zarówno na obiad jak i na kolację. #kasza #obiad #kolacja

Kasze i ciekawe propozycje przepisów zarówno na obiad jak i na kolację. #kasza #obiad #kolacja

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power greens tortilla

Power Greens Tortilla (Vegan, Gluten Free)

simple meal inspiration: power greens tortilla and almond butter coconut energy bites (vegan, gluten free) recipe via will frolic for food