cello bow

Collection by Natal'ya Schepkina


There is a little difference in Cello Bow and Violin bow. It is somewhat shorter than the violin bow. Yet it is somewhat heavier than the violin bow. Albardwell provides 4 types of bows which are different as per material.

Natal'ya Schepkina
Top Snakewood Bass Viol Bow Copy Richard Wilson Marais Model

New light Carbon Fiber Cello Bow Copper Parts White Horse Hair Bow

Grid Braided Carbon Cello Bow Stunning Bow with Professional Performance

Coffce Carbon Fiber Graphite Cello Bow Best Selling Model

Light weight IPE Cello Bow Fleur-de-l​ys Inlaid Frog

Brazilwood Cello Bows Ebony Frog Colorful Abalone Shell

Brazilwood Cello Bow Mongolian HorseHair Rosewood Frog

Brazilwood Cello Bow Carved Ebony Frog

Peccatte Master Model! A Genuine Pernambuco Cello Bow Impressive Stiffness Extremely Strong Fast Response