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Akaashi x Bokuto + Hinata, Tsukishima, Kuro & Lev

Haikyuu owl team & cat team >> omf i remember when i was so confused abt this and then i watched the second season and i just "oOOOOOooh.


Yep that special age<<<Is this an Addams Family reference? 'cause if so this is my favorite thing ever. <it is an Addams Family reference from the movie Addams Family Values

One Piece 819 - Page 17 ~~~~ Zoro and Nami here - too perfect <3

One Piece 819 Comments - Read One Piece 819 Manga Scans. Free and No Registration required for One Piece 819

Hinomaru-Zumou 72.5: Hinomaru Zumou X Kuroko no Basuke at ~~~~ I'd love to see them "wrestle" xD

Kuroko No Basket Extra Game chap

Mugiwara's heart by Jeannette11

This is a present for She loves Zoro and Nami couple and.