Abandoned & beautiful fairy tale house in Gagra, Abkhasia, Georgia. This type of architecture is fairly common in Russia & the surrounding area. A little hobbit house(:

Abandoned Mansion, Northern Virginia. Check out link, very cool pictures of the lovely forgotten home.

Abandoned Mansion, Northern Virginia- lovely forgotten home. You can almost imagine hearing LIFE in this room.


On phototour with *matze-end and ~der-phil at an abandoned bakery. The HDR shot was made from three photos with Photomatix. Abandoned Bakery I

Abandoned Watertower, Lincolnshire, England

Staircase at Abandoned Watertower, Lincolnshire, England. -stairway to the stars ;

Abandoned and beautiful

Photo was taken in the early Somerset County, Maryland. “Eastern Shore Series” by Steve Szabo,

abandoned buildings western USA

This is an abandoned building, Hotel Meade, in Bannack, Montana, known as The Ghost Town.