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I absolutely hate crying in front of people firstly I look like an emotional wreck and secondly it makes me look weak. So if I am willing to cry and not try to stop crying I front of you consider yourself lucky.

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Continually lie to me, crap on me, use me. It will wear thin and I will be done! And the older I get, the less tolerance I have for bullsh Don't try to guilt me or manipulate me either.

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To true! Right on the money! Don't call a Sagittarius a liar or a cheat or they'll do both just to spite you!

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Well but I'm having a cold right now *wink wink* Ok jk I have a boyfriend u know who I mean lolz

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Zodiac Mind-- If i ever say anything to you bluntly, don't get mad at me, I'm trying to tell you the truth. Appreciate it, don't disregard it.

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Cause we are fucking ugly as hell and girls are selfish jerks who focus on appearances and not on the person.