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Aleksandra Kłobuczar

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Hello hello :) Aujourd'hui je publie un petit billet sur un nail art qui m'a été inspiré de mes cahiers DIY que je me suis fais il y a quelques jours ^^Je m'explique :) Je suis depuis un petit mome...

Grey and pink floral nailart

Pink Grey tutorial by Sharing Vu

White nails are often deemed as boring. Why paint your nails with a color that doesn’t have color? Some poeple would then think that white is such a color for the old people. It has no life nor fun to it. So why do we paint our nails white? There are so much more other

Photo taken by @karengnails on Instagram, pinned via the InstaPin iOS App! (11/09/2014)

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The Aztec mixed with the popping coloring just hypnotize me in their beauty Discover and share your nail design ideas on