Avatar the Last Airbender :D

The Tunnel of Love

Secret Tunnel Secret tunnel through the mountain secret secret secret tunnel!

Katara, Avatar - The Last Airbender

The 7 Funniest Frustrated Gordon Ramsay Memes

Okay, That's Really Cool

Okay, That's Really Cool

The moment when you realize that Zuko grew the same beard Iroh has. he's still grumpy tho


The Legend of Korra/Avatar the Last Airbender: spirits for sale

way to go Shyamalan you created a level zero and all with a negative in front of it too.

[Image - 351594]

I have plently of HONOR!!

I think the Wan part should be smaller. This is the first time I have seen a Wan pun.

He's a Pokemon Master!

long ago the 4 nations lived together and then every thing changed when meelos flying lemer army attacked

Maybe she became comfortable with herself and realized being apart of a team could be useful.

Not gonna lie, this meme kinda ruined things for me. (Credit: The Avatar State FB page)