Akimbu Mukambe

Akimbu Mukambe

Akimbu Mukambe
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Polycount Forum sci-fi door by ae

This door is a treat to look at weith its bulky metal nature with its many patterns. I would not see this door on a captains room more like on an armory.

Game Textures, Sci Fi Environment, Environment Design, Spaceship Interior, Paint Texture, Searching, Game Art, 2d Art, Sci Fi Art, Binder, Texture, Spaceships, Search, Playroom Art

Mass Effect 3 art - Marc-Antoine Hamelin - Polycount Forum

Hi everyone, So I finally got around to update my portfolio and add the final stuff I did on Mass Effect before I left Bioware.

Sci Fi Environment, Environment Design, Game Textures, Texture Art, Futuristic Interior, Computer Art, Space Station, Metal Gear, Diorama, Texture, Dioramas

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