Clothes for dogs - patterns and inspiration

Patterns and inspiration - clothes for dog. Ubranka dla psów ze szczególnym uwzględnieniem maleństasów yorkshire terrier.
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The basic pattern for a dog - Dressing room for our favorite pets (dogs, cats) - Country Mom

piggy hats to crochet for small dogs | 1000x1000.jpg

Pet Clothes Spring/Summer Outfit Crochet Hand-Knit Visor Hat for Small Dog

Everyone needs a little space just for themselves, including our furry friends. These teepees provide the perfect escape for your dog and are a charming addition to any room.Includes a matching zippered mat and a carry bag.

Dogs - Reinvent Dog Care With These Fantastic Tips ** You can get more details by clicking on the image.

Выкройки одежды для собак, шьём сами | ВКонтакте

Зверьё моё - одёжка для зверья

Выкройки одежды для собак, шьём сами | ВКонтакте

Canvas Tote "Doggie Bag"  Transform an ordinary canvas tote into a practical and fashionable "doggie bag" pet carrier.  WOW here ya go for the sweet little ankle bitters in your family and I mean that with MUCH LOVE ! , Michele

Dog Crafts

Canvas Doggie Tote Transform a canvas tote into a "doggie bag." A U-shape cutout lets your small pooch enjoy the scenery.

Dog Clothes SEWING PATTERN 1679 Dress Coat for the Little Dog $8.25

Dress Dog Coat Pattern 1679 * Small & Medium * Dog Clothes Pattern * Winter Dog Coat * Dog Jacket * Warm Dog Coat * Little Dog Clothes


summary: Small dog coats are very popular in market and finding coats for your dog is no longer a hard task. For a long time, dog coats were not an option for many people.

I just ordered this for Miles. I couldn't resist. it comes with a knit toy!