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Atelier des Arts et Techniques Céramiques - Stages de poterie à Paris -                                                                                                                                                      Plus
Michelle Maher's stoneware (cone 8) paper clay recipe inspired by Henry Pim's demo at International Ceramics Festival 2005. 2 parts crank clay body : 1 part paper pulp (I use 3 ply toilet roll) + 1 ml pure tea tree oil for each toilet roll used - slows down rotting! I get up to 6 months from a batch. I've been using this recipe for 10 yrs, firing to 1260 C and it's a fantastic clay body - very plastic, light, glazes well - but you must VENTILATE YOUR KILN CORRECTLY!!
handicraft us: Inspiration Japan (Inspiration Japan)
Do you want to make yourself some Viking garments. Here you can find lots of templates for sewing.
Estonian Viking Age woman by ~elote on deviantART
Medieval embroidery reproduction
Pumora's stich-lexicon: whipped back stitch; umwickelter Rueckstich/Rückstich (DE); point de piqûre surjeté (FR); punto pespunte enrollado (ES)
Edge tape and eyelet  detail
Viking womens underdress, hangerock, brooches, and necklace.