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Mary Kay Lipstick by Season, Autumn or T3 Vicki Reeves: Your Independent Mary Kay Consultant Facebook.com/ReevesBelievesMK "Reeves Believes 'One Woman Can!'"

Pure Autumn Color Palette (Warm Autumn) - for my redder hair

via Cardigan Empire: warm autumn - if I'm not deep I've got to be warm autumn. Colors that overlap between warm and deep autumn: light salmon, olive, pine, gold, amber, and beige

Warm Autumn. Found on www.gr84colours.com/. System Color Me Beautiful. Important is not only which colour you choose but also where you put it! How to use and wear your colours you know on colour analysis consultation.

Autumn color palette from Kettlewell Colours #Autumn color palette

Complementair contrast by justbeautiful on Polyvore featuring polyvore, fashion, style, AQ/AQ, Diesel, Christian Louboutin, Michael Kors, Marni, Vionnet and Uniqlo

Pure Autumn Color Palette (Warm Autumn) - for my redder hair More

colour palettes, SCI/Art system 12 colour types, Invent Your Image, www.inventyourimage.com

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