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Dress it up as a woodland landscape, a volcanic dinosaur park, or a simple multistory car park for your vehicles. Create a variety of themes, or simply use for small world storage or for displays. The circular shape is ideal for collaborative play, as it allows access from all sides. The low shelves are specifically designed so the children can self access to extend play and add to their creations

A beautifully finished, robust activity reel, ideal for small world play. Continue play below on the two low levels of shelving, perfect for self access or use as a practical storage solution for your small world items.

The SMF 0.2 furniture project standing for Self Made Furniture is very simple to make and the result is pretty neat. People just have to 3D print the joints and connect them with wooden strips, to construct their own coffee table. You dont have to use glue, nails or other messy things.

SMF part of the Self Made Furniture collection designed by UAU Project, is a set of simple printed joints connecting wooden beams to construct a coffee table.

Elio Dozer Wooden modular toy

Elio Dozer Wooden modular toy

Amish Wood Toy DOUBLE Car Race Flip-Flop Roller

19 h x w x 10 w (with stands) Let’s Go Racing! Two tracks, six cars and lots of competition. If you have two kids who will ‘fight’ over the single track, then this is your answer.