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an open book is next to a bowl with lemon slices and daisies
a ceramic teapot with a woman holding a heart
Handmade porcelain teapot, Alice in Wonderland ,Red Queen Teapot figurine Porcelain art Queen of Heartse ,unusual
This unusual handmade porcelain teapot is one of a kind. Author's work, hand sculpting. Sculptural teapot in the shape of a card queen. Made of porcelain: porcelain is the best material for making tea. The kettle is fully functional, like ordinary dishes. The underglaze painting does not wash off and does not fade the queen will always be bright! Kettle for fabulous tea parties with the queen herself!Volume 20 oz (600 ml)
an old fashioned teapot shaped like a movie projector on top of a wooden table
there are three cups stacked on top of each other
a blue teapot with two birds on it and berries around the top, sitting on a gray surface
Blue Porcelain Art teapot Birds figurines Rowan pine berries decor Bullfinch Sculpture Teapot Ceramic Collectible ware
This porcelain teapot is made by me. Handmade porcelain teapot. Unusual teapot with figurines of birds and decoration. Bright bullfinches on the branches of rowan and pine. Decor in the form of snowcovered cones and bunches of mountain ash. Detailing with platinum preparation. Silvery snowflakes and crusts of ice on the branches. The teapot is made of high quality blue porcelain. Functional as normal cookware. Single copy.Volume 600 ml (20 oz)made to order 30 days
an elephant figurine sitting next to some flowers
Cute elephant teapot
Cute elephant teapot - AI creation
Coffee & Contemplation
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