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Fossil Savanna Russet Brown

Socks and heels

I have come to the conclusion I like burgundy, although I'm not a fan of cat-patterned shirts.

Chic Ways To Rock A Beret This Fall: Styleoholic waysify

What if winter is not a place outside?

Floral dress + turtleneck sweater + tweed jacket + hat + tights + sensible shoes = lovely but comfy!

Brown skirt, black sweater with white collar underneath

I wouldnt wear a shirt under this, but the knit mustard dress and the green velvet jacket plus I really need to find a dark brown leather belt.

A-line Wool-blend Skirt -

Finch & Fawn : Colder Days are Coming / Outfit / Fashion / Style / Skirt, belt, hat.

I have been accused (usually in a teasing tone by friends) of being a creature…

A Clothes Horse Outfit: Creature Of Habit

A Clothes Horse: Outfit: Field Notes

High-waisted skirt and dinosaur print! from "The Clothes Horse" (Pretty Top High Waist)

Street Style London Fashion Week Spring 2013

Inspiring image fashion, london, street style, vintage - Resolution - Find the image to your taste


Today has been a wonderfully busy and full day and the only thing I had time to take a photo of was a quick detail shot of what I wore. I've just done my seasonal wardrobe switch and forgot about this sweater! The color has very much grown on me.