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Recently, I was commenting on the MMSL Forum Men’s clothing thread about color analysis. Several men asked for more info, and so not to be too off-topic there, I’m posting it here. Welcome, MMSL fr…


Sepia - Suitable for: soft autumn, the true autumn, dark autumn, true spring. Perhaps for the bright spring.


Beige - suitable for soft autumn, autumn genuine, gentle summer, gentle spring, real spring. Perhaps toned for years.


Khaki - suitable for a true summer, soft summer, soft autumn, the true autumn, dark autumn. Perhaps for dark winter.

zgniła zieleń

rotten green Military green - suitable for intensive winter, intensive autumn, a real autumn, autumn soft, toned years. Perhaps for a real summer.


Taupe - suitable for a real summer, toned summer, autumn soft, intense fall. Perhaps for intensive winter.