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Claudia Kaede

Claudia Kaede
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Remember that your perception of the world is a reflection of your state of consciousness. You are not separate from it, and there is no objective world out there. Every moment, your consciousness creates the world you inhabit.

doLL ~ Marina Bychkova

Marina Bychkova is a Russian-Canadian figurative artist and a founder of Enchanted Doll™- a luxury toy label of exquisite, porcelain dolls. More than mere playthings, Enchanted Dolls are elegantly sculpted and articulated works of art.

Elderly white rabbit and young white rabbit white background

Elderly white rabbit, Foggy, 8 years old, and his young son, 9 weeks old.


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SupiaDoll Hayul

Supia Hayul - this girl is so delicate and beautiful.

Anastasiya Shpagina

Anastasiya Shpagina, possibly the most cutest living doll! I think it might be a tie with Venus Angelic, though.