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Aimee Nixon

Aimee Nixon
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Curvy Women are the Hottest

Curvy vs fat: there IS a difference! I hate it when obese women describe themselves as 'curvy'; nawww bitch, you're fat! A little exercise and a healthy diet never hurt anyone (unless you fall on your face while you're jogging) ~J.

Celebrities Photoshopped as Normal People. Heads up: they're a little bleh.

Celebrities as Real People: Not a Pretty Picture Photo by: Planet Hiltron Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Kimye proclaim, "Who cares what the world thinks--we'll always have each other." Brangelina as the new normal.

The Best Tennis Skirts Ever

jordan carver playing tennis 12 Jordan Carver is a natural at tennis, I think Photos)