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a porch swing with white curtains hanging from it's sides and two chairs on the other side
an empty room with white cabinets and brown tile flooring
Coziem - Home Decor and Garden
several bottles are hanging from the ceiling above a counter
Old Jack Daniels Bottle & plumbing pipe for a sweet industrial style chandelier!
three potted plants are sitting in front of some lights on the wall behind them : Déco Led Noel
Led couloir
a white couch sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a swing chair with pillows
30+ Awesome Furniture Design to Make Your House Look Attractive
30+ Awesome Furniture Design to Make Your House Look Attractive #furniture #furnituredesigns #furnituremakeover
a wooden light fixture with three lights on it's sides and a hole in the ceiling
Kitchens arent just for cooking, theyre often the spot where people accrue in the home. Whether youre looking for greater than before kitchen lighting for your cooking tasks or desire to create a more handy reveal for connections and family, here are 14 tips for greater than before kitchen lighting. #kitchenspotlightfixtures
a kitchen with some lights on the ceiling and cabinets in front of a windowsill
25 Living Edge Lighting Examples
four hanging lights with candles in them and blue bows on the top one is white
The Top Pinterest Accounts to Follow from Australia - Design Intuition
DIY whisk tea light candle holder votive