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Aguti Złociste
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J. Raymond

I'd rather have a heart wide open than one that feels nothing. I'd rather die from feeling too much than feeling nothing.

15 Organization Tips! Great for managing the demands of nursing school. It's time to get things to be done on time... focus on your 3 year goal.. just keep fighting, smile and be inspired always.. :-)

LaSCM Learn the goal-setting process. LaSCM Appy time-management and task-management skills. Begin a discussion on goal setting and time management using these 15 tips.

A scale showing self-gratification weighs heavier than intimacy explaining why people cheat

Why people cheat. This is a fantastic article. He really breaks it down very well.

Audrey Ashburner

"Art is a line around your thoughts." ~ Klimt Quotes Art Artists quotes Sayings Creative writing Inspirational quotes