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There’s no better place than a balcony to bring the outside into your apartment. Most European apartments are small and the balconies are even smaller, but it doesn’t have to feel claustrophobic.

Girls gotta lean how to defend themselves, especially when u decide it's time to go clubbing at midnight. Let's all be independent women who can do what they want and are capable of taking care of themselves❤

The Safety Cat is a self-defense, personal protection tool designed mainly for women. It is made out of very strong aircraft aluminum and unlike similar product

one foot on this side of the border, the other on this side...see, you really CAN be in 2 places at once!

After seeing A Walk To Remember, this has GOT to go on the Bucket List. I've always wanted to go to The Four Corners (where Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona meet) so I could lean down and place my hands on the ground and be in FOUR places at once!