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Artur Grygorcewicz

Artur Grygorcewicz
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East Indian Lotus

“” A dash of rain upon The lotus leaves. But the leaves Remain unmarked, no matter How hard the raindrops beat. Mind, be like the lotus leaves, Unstained by the world. ~Chong Ch’ol (Photo by.


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"Should I stay or should I go...")))

After skiing a few hundred feet from the summit, I caught up to Kit and Rob DesLauriers at the Hillary Step. We clipped into ropes to rappel down the forty-foot rock band at feet, then skied across to the exposed ridge to the South Summit.

Okay, not a tiger, but a snow leopard. Still...those eyes...

Rosing House Outdoor Animal laptop Casual Cute Backpack Tiger -- Find out more about the great product at the image link.

mysleepykisser-with-feelings-hid: “ Elderly Tibetan woman with a prayer wheel. ”

Practitioner in Chinese-occupied Tibet, meditating with a prayer wheel. The wheel has prayers for peace, hope, love inscribed on the outside as well as on a roll of paper inside. As the wheel is rotated, the prayers are activated.