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a black and white checkered floor in an old building with tall buildings behind it
Mexico City — Anna Petrow Photography
the inside of a building with many stairs
the building has many windows on it and is surrounded by greenery in front of a hill
a dark room with a clock on the wall
the interior of a house with many windows and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling
a body of water with leaves floating on it and buildings in the backround
05 - Dónde Ir: Tu guía de la Ciudad de México. ¿Qué hacer hoy?
Son 20 de los muchísimos lugares para visitar en CDMX por primera vez. Encuentra música, cultura, historia y tradición y llévate un grato recuerdo de nuestra ciudad.
a city street at night with people walking on the sidewalk and buildings in the background
Ernesto Raúl Ortiz | Fotógrafo Profesional en CDMX
Torre Latino CDMX