Agnieszka Zarębska

Agnieszka Zarębska

Agnieszka Zarębska
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Am I an animated CHARACTER now?How do I keep finding characters that look like me?

Yukidoll от Юлии Южаковой

Yukidoll - Yuki and Katya, polyurethane shown at the International Doll Salon in Moscow, Spring 2015

the pale queen | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I painted her face a year ago, and she was recently sent to me again for body blushing. Custom Popovy Doll painted by Belle Nolia (Mai)

Jessica Joslin - Taxidermy art artist.  Are these real bones? It depends on the piece. Some of the bones are real, some are not. For all protected and endangered species, I create replicas. For the sculptures that incorporate real animal bones, I work with licensed osteological suppliers. I have a strong affinity for animals and take care to deal only with reputable companies, whose specimens are legally and ethically obtained.

Jesscia Joslin: This is for the taxidermy fans. I like how she makes organic skeletons into steampunk mechanical creations. Kind of a bit android, with a turn of the century belle epoque feel). <<<< creepy as fucc