Agnieszka Pakuła
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Graf Zeppelin interior

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Interior of the Engine Car of the Hindenburg Airship

German 08 Maxim Machine Gun 7.09 cal.

ww1 german anti aircraft heavy machine gun

Big Bertha (nicknamed by German troops after Bertha Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach) is the name of a heavy 42-cm (16.5”) howitzer developed by the German armaments manufacturer Krupp at the beginning of the Great War. One of these howitzers was used to destroy the Belgian forts at Liège, Namur and Antwerp.

German stormtrooper WW I (illustration: Agnieszka Pakuła)

WWI German 1908 (DWM) Maxim Heavy Machine Gun Complete with Large Folding Mount, Ammunition Belt Loa

World War I in Photos: Technology - The Atlantic. Pictured is an Obice da 305/17, a huge Italian howitzer, one of fewer than 50 produced during the war. (National Archive/Official German Photograph of WWI)