Agnieszka Osowiecka
Agnieszka Osowiecka
Agnieszka Osowiecka

Agnieszka Osowiecka

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"House of Cards". Claire Underwood aka Robin Wright...

Sad... but when I read this simple truth. So many people pop in my head. Especially, people that reward other people for kindness to look good. Which is different from acknowledgement or gratitude of thanks to unconditional kindness...sw

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Words of Wisdom. …

Suits: Specter & Ross by Hannah Adriano, via Behance

I don't get lucky, I make my own luck. Harvey Spencer. #business #marketing #suits

You're telling me the things I want to hear, but you're not showing me the things I need to see.

#155- 6 P's of CSR Success in the C Suite. | Dhananjay Parkhe | LinkedIn

Don’t confuse your dreams with goals. Dreams occupy your mind. Goals take over your reality.

"Winners don't make excuses"