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Jesus Vs. Muhammad Are you smart enough to realize islam is not a is a cult.

pp: "Jesus Vs. Muhammad Are you smart enough to realize islam is not a is a cult./Makes you wonder why muslims feel so threatened by the Christian faith, doesn't it.

ISLAMIZATION -- islam is not a religion, but a cult

40 years ago in comparison to today. Feminist, take your war on women someplace it could actually do some good. You are right libs, there is a war on women, but you are talking about the wrong country!

The "Muslim" Religion, moving nations backwards!

Pinner says:The "Muslim" Religion, moving nations backwards! **** No, that would be the Taliban, who have made up their own religion.

"It's not me who's anti-religion; it's religion who's anti-me."

"I'm not anti-religion. I'm anti-sexism, anti-racism, anti-homophobia, anti-women abuse, and anti-war. Religion is anti-me.

I think beheading is classified as violent evil. Not very peaceful actions either.

The VERY BEST definition of irony. America, what don't you understand about this? Countless American martyrs could tell you about their "peaceful" religion --- only thing is --- they were MURDERED by these Muslims waging jihad.

The Real War On Women

The Stoning of Soraya M: The horrific execution scene that got a film banned. and why the director hopes it will stop death row women being stoned