Agnieszka Łapko

Agnieszka Łapko

Agnieszka Łapko
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Vata, kapha, pitta

Take the short ayurveda dosha test to find out wich dosha you are. Read then the characteristics of each dosha.

Want better skin? Try these all-natural 15 Ayurvedic skincare tips for clear, healthy & beautiful skin.

An Ayurvedic skincare routine nourishes your skin internally & externally. Discover 15 easy ways to heal, replenish & detoxify your skin the Ayurvedic way.

Ayurveda is one of the world´s oldest science. It dates back to 3000 BC when the roots and the concept of Ayurveda has been established, by the sages of India, in the Vedas which is the ancient book of knowledge.

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Pitta Kapha Diet: Everything You Need To Know - The Ayurveda Experience Blog

Pitta Kapha body types can learn all about the Ayurvedic diet for Pitta Kapha here. Take the free Dosha Quiz to find your Ayurvedic body type and diet.