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a chair and table sitting on top of a stone path in the middle of a garden
The Modern Wilderness: Paving Ideas for a Naturally Styled Garden
Transform your garden into a modern wilderness with our innovative paving ideas. Redefine outdoor living with contemporary designs that capture the essence of nature.
an outdoor patio with seating and trees in the back ground, surrounded by plants and shrubs
Modern Paving Magic: Creating Natural Vibes in Your Garden
Elevate your outdoor space with modern paving ideas that bring a touch of nature to your garden. Explore the seamless fusion of contemporary design and natural aesthetics.
an outdoor courtyard area with gravel and plants on both sides, surrounded by wooden slatted walls
How to Japandi Your Garden – Making A Green Life by Lily
a small stream running through a lush green forest
"Pathway" in the Japanese Garden.
a well in the middle of some rocks and trees
Tsukubai – A água da purificação.
Tsukubai é o nome da fonte encontrada nos jardins Chaniwa, criada para ser um dos elementos da tradicional cerimônia do chá no Japão. Essas fontes de água corrente, tem a função da purificação dos …
Video of Kaho gallery - Kyoto - Frederique Dumas Manifesting Abundance, Learning Platform, Learn Japanese, Tea House, Zen Garden
New video – KAHO Gallery
Video of Kaho gallery - Kyoto - Frederique Dumas