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two pictures of an old building with windows and balconies on the second floor
sanatorim w Otwocku
an old black and white photo of a train coming down the tracks in front of a church
dworzec w Otwocku
an old building with wooden balconies and windows
Świdermajer na linii otwockiej - zdjęcie nr 3
Swidermajer Architecture - Willa Arturówka in Świder, Poland, 2002 r.
a white house with snow on the ground
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?r�dborowianka Otwock ?r?dborowianka is located in Otwock. It offers accommodation in two 1930s buildings surrounded by pine trees, at the edge of the Masovian Landscape Park. The rooms feature cosily appointed interiors done in warm colours.
the coat of arms of two different countries, one red and one yellow with an eagle on it
a watercolor painting of an old house with columns and pillars on the front porch
Otwock by micorl on DeviantArt
Watercolour 50x70 cm Please visit my website : grzegorz-wrobel.com support me on FB : www.facebook.com/pages/Grzegor… Thank You
an old black and white photo of people standing in front of train tracks with trains on them
Otwock, 1946-07-12. Uroczystość uruchomienia pociągów elektrycznych łączących Warszawę z Otwockiem. Zdjęcia robione z dachu wiaty dworca. (PAP)
an old black and white photo of a building
Otwock, willa Podole
an old wooden gazebo in the middle of a park
Poznaj piękno świdermajerów, zanim znikną. Oto perły drewnianej architektury [GALERIA]
Uzdrowisko Abrama Gurewicza. Otwock, ul. Armii Krajowej 8
an old wooden house in the woods
Willa Gurewiczanka, zbudowana w stylu świdermajer, w latach 1906-1921 Otwock
a blue and yellow building with open windows
Otwock, Poland
a building with a clock tower lit up at night
an old photo of a house in the woods with lots of windows and balconies
Pensjonat Górewicza w Otwocku | Digital Poland
Villa Gorewicza in Otwock (Poland) . Biggest wooden house in Europe
an old wooden house with many windows and stairs
Świdermajer...Otwock...c.d wycieczki z >kezsel
Świdermajer Otwock