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Agnieszka Kampka
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Weekend lol – We hope that your weekend is looking good so far and that you’re doing your best to optimize the giggle factor – which let’s face it is.

College Liberal on GMO's.

For real though, maybe real research would show them there are a lot worse things than the food we eat.

The Blame Game. This way no one is responsible and nothing gets done and nothing changes. It's win win win for them and lose lose lose for us. We need to insist the USDA and the FDA are in no way affiliated with Monsanto. That is a conflict of interest. And definitely not in the best interests of the People. This cartoon wasn't posted as a "funny cartoon"...this is a reality.

Who is responsible for GMO safety testing? Monsanto says it’s FDA’s job and the FDA says it’s biotech’s job. “Studies on short- or long-term health effects are hard.