Agnieszka Gromkowska

Agnieszka Gromkowska

Agnieszka Gromkowska
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Arrhenius, Bronsted-Lowry, and Lewis Acids and Bases in Organic Chemistry - understand the similarities and differences between the different types of acids and bases in your chemistry course

Detailed tutorial explaining the Arrhenius, Bronsted-Lowry and Lewis definitions for acids and bases as they will come up during organic chemistry.

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Figure of Converting Between Moles and Atoms - Boundless

When converting from moles to atoms/molecules, use Avogadro's number, which is actually x and when converting from moles to grams, use the molar mass in grams per mole, not the atomic mass in atomic mass units.

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Sodium and chloride are like two north pole magnets - inseparable. Our Moody Monday post will tell you what breaks the bond between sodium and chloride.