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a person wearing a mask and sitting on a bed with their hands in the air
mask by Willy.pawprints on tt!
a person holding up an orange cat mask
Tangerine / Orange Kitty Cat Therian Mask 🍊🐾🐱
a green mask with flowers and leaves on it's face, in the shape of a cat
идея для маски
идея для маски
an image of a cat's face with the same color as it appears
Serval therian mask (remake)
Free to use with credit. do not repost, claim as yours, or anything without credit to me @River_Untamed thank you.
a woman wearing a cat's head with long hair on top of her head
Cat mask commission <3 #therian #catmask
a close up of a cat's face with the word ch below it
a hand holding up a cat's face with green eyes
Orange kitty <3 #therian #catmask
an animal mask is on top of a dresser next to other clutter and toys
mask i made less than a month ago