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How to make sentences in Korean! [CORRECTED]Sentences in English go in the order: Subject, Object, Verb. Korean sentences go in the order: Subject + Noun & 나는 의사다 (I’m a doctor) Subject + Verb &

In English it is easy to use a verb as a noun. In Korean it is also possible to use verbs as nouns. Better yet it is very easy to do so, unlike the hassle you need to go through to turn a verb into a noun modifier. In fact the thing we are going to discuss now will make it possible to easily use entire sentences as nouns. #LearnKorean #Korean #한국어

Direct quotation is fun, but we use indirect quotation a lot more. In Korean indirect quotation is a lot more complicated so study well.

English Pronunciation.

English pronunciation poem… seriously EVERY teacher should be require to read this thing. Out loud. In front of people. Then maybe everyone will understand why the English language is nearly impossible for kids with learning disabilities.