Agnieszka Nowicka

Agnieszka Nowicka

Agnieszka Nowicka
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Strawberries Grown in Vertical Tiers

Strawberries Grown in Vertical Tiers in straw, protected from birds and garden pest mammals. Space saving and keeps fruit berries clean.

Growing cucumbers

A-frame trellis can be moved to any place where vent plants are grown. Cattle panel, trellis netting, and plastic trellis are provided.

DIY idea - driftwood rack - image from a gathering with kinfolk. (brunch in oregon)

Project Idea: Rustic Driftwood Pot Rack - There's so much to love in this picture. the herbs drying on the rack, the vintage metal baskets, the copper pots and pans. It's everything a cozy rustic kitchen should be!