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Slavic symbols of Light

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Rodovik - Slavic symbol Odolen-Trava, symbolizes strength of god Rod. Protect the thread of human life. Provides communication and support of the dead ancestors. Talisman to protect against various diseases. The ancient Slavic people believed that the evil spirits send the disease in men and the Dual Fire can burn any sign of illness.


Overcoming grass – amulet intended to protect human health. This amulet belongs to a solar symbol, because only sunlight get the power to overcome the darkness that carries the disease and fear. Overcoming grass – the name of the symbol and the common name of several species of medicinal herbs (yellow lilies, sainfoin and grass field cyanosis). Overcoming grass symbol is a cross of twelve runes


Svarog- the sign of the creator god. The God Svarog created the Earth and people (through Dazhdbog). This is the sign of wisdom and higher justice. Svarog is associated with the celestial fire and the sphere. Slavs revered it as a powerful and protective amulet of wellbeing. The charm of Svarog bring success and luck.


Goshnaya swastika is a symbol of the familly spirit. 4-side sign of the chaste conception.