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I saw this project on Pinterest as a dress-up cabinet and had to copy the idea. I bought the dresser for $20 at a thrift store. My husband r...

excellent idea for hanging doll clothes from thedollstation

Purples, Blues and Pinks ~ Great Colour Scheme For A Shared Children's Bedroom

I like the little table in the room

Inverness House by Nathan Taylor of Obelisk Home. #interiors #laundry #home #interiordesign #decor

Kitchen Breakfast Room. Breakfast Room off Kitchen. Farmhouse Breakfast Room…

A happy baby is an adorable baby—even when they drool all over themselves. Luckily, there are easy ways to protect your baby’s neckline from getting soaked five minutes into putting it on. Deck out your baby with a DIY Bandana Bib for a creative and stylish way to keep messes to a minimum. Plus, it’ll make your kiddo look like an adorable little cowboy, and who doesn’t love cowboys?

First Birthday Nursery Art Print - Personalized Hand and Foot Prints…

Triangle Scarf & Wooden Teething Ring Bundle - Pink Herringbone Triangle Scarf, Pink Plus Wooden Teething Ring