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Agnieszka Nowak

Agnieszka Nowak
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Requested by Justin Saenz. I couldn't really decide to do the Egyptian sphinx or the Greek sphinx since I really like both. So I've done  like a sort of mixed sphinx (but maybe more on the Egy...

Mermaid Pokemon requested by Mega Master lore keeper Mega Gallade. These are based on mermaids but they also have a mix of crustaceans and err. This species is all female. It is bor.

New Lemur Fakemon by Twime777 on deviantART

I know there are many different types of lemur. These ones are mainly based on ring tailed lemurs. New Lemur Fakemon

New Fossil Auk Fakemon by on @DeviantArt

Weppuff is the Weepy Pokemon and Auquapura is the Dive Bomb Pokemon. It evolves using a dawn stone. They are Rock and Water types that live in the Hypatia Region.

New Grassy Dog Fakemon by Twime777 on deviantART

These were requested by someone who wanted "grass dogs" but I no longer have the username. So whoever requested this Pokemon, I'm sorry I can't find you. New Grassy Dog Fakemon