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Marketing vs PR vs Advertising vs Branding (you'll understand the difference after you study this info graphic)

Social Media & PR: Then & Now. Great infographic detailing how digital media has shaped the public relations field.

PR in the age of social media, Reddit, BuzzFeed and content

PR - Public Relations Then and Now -- infographic to help business owners understand how the internet has changed marketing

#ContentPR #Infographic

PR Newswire publishes an infographic answering.What is content PR? What does content PR look like?And, how does content PR work? You'll get some great examples of content PR tactics and learn much more.

17 famous Public relations quotes by http://www.prezly.com #pr #publicrelations

PR quotes don't get much better than this. The definitive collection of public relations quotes from famous people.

Lynn Lewis Public Relations Events planners: www.valenciana.com.uy

Destination Unknown: 20 Things You Should Never Say to Your Public Relations Person.