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It's Fitness, Baby

There is no abdominal exercise (not even of crunches!) that can whittle away belly fat. That’s because, there is no such thing as spot-reduction in regard to fat loss. You can’t choose where your.


LIKE IF YOU WANT A SUMMER BODY! I'm working out daily to get ready for summer! My current goal is to lose 10 lbs and I'm starting April on my new workout program, but my diet started yesterday.


Being healthy makes me happy :)


Its SPRING TIME! Are you SwimSuit Sexy! Here are some Tips! 50 Crunch w/ Twist 45 Bench Press 200 Squats Do them in Sets 30 Calf Raises 45 Bent over Row w/ weight 35 Half- Push Up Remeber to take a rest break during workouts. Drink lots of Water