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17 of the biggest differences between managers and leaders

First-Time Manager? Use These Effective Tips

New Manager? How to Effectively Organize and Lead a Team

"Being a good manager is far different from being a good employee, because you are no longer responsible for only yourself. You are responsible for other peoplefor their career progress, their learning, and their success.

12 Recruiting Stats That Will Change The Way You Hire #Infographic #Career #EmployeeBenefits

12 Recruiting Stats That Will Change The Way You Hire #Infographic

Terrible clients that waste your time - Toggl infographic

Just laughed so hard at this! Terrible clients explained with pirates, by Mart Virkus

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Personnel planning and recruiting essaytyper personnel planning and forecasting Build a pool of candidates for the job, by recruiting internal or external.

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1 minute in internet 2016

What Happens in an Internet Minute 2016 infographic offers valuable consumer behavior insights that affect small business marketing today.

Frontend things

Modern front-end web development is a busy place. The industry shuffle is exponentially rapid, and when you’re heads down working on a…