"Portrait of Violet Trefusis" by John Lavery (1856-1941)

Portrait of Violet Trefusis by John Lavery (Scottish, Best known for her affair with Vita Sackville-West, an English author, poet and gardener. Virginia Woolfe wrote about her in Orlando.

Ballgown, the Netherlands, ca. 1870-75. Silk trimmed with satin, 2 pieces. Bodice has low, oval neck, very short, tight sleeves, empire waist, and trailing queue; white cotton lining. Skirt has pleated linen waistband, closing behind with hooks & eyes. Vertical ruffles sewn onto lower half. Mode Museum, Antwerp, via Europeana Fashion

Skirt has pleated linen waistband, closing behind with hooks & eyes.


so pretty. high-neck button down white vintage lace dress.

The Neckclothitania, a satirical pamphlet from the early 19th century, detailed methods of tying cravats

By 1790 the stylish neckcloth increased in such volume as to wholly engulf the shirt collar and encroach on the wearer’s chin. Neckcloths adopted many bizarre forms with equally amusing names.

Dinner dress, Mrs. Clow, Banbury, England, ca. 1895. Cream and black lace, silk, sequins, tulle, all handworked. Pocket in skirt. Back of train has cord with which the wearer could lift carry it. Antique-Gown

Dinner dress of Mrs. Clow of Banbury, England - ca. 1895 - Cream lace on black silk, with sequins & tulle - all handworked.

Victorian Mens' fashion    www.victoriana.com/victorianmen/victorianmen.html

Suits change for a rich man- while not as elaborate as ornate as the female counter parts men at Rochester's party certainly would have brought a sizable trunk of clothes.

Dress, 1870s Scanned from Russian Elegance Look at those paisleys!  How gorgeous.

Oh this is just beautiful. Victorian Dress With Bustle, Train And Hanging Sleeves With Floral And Paisley Embroidery

Detail of back of 1870's Black and Brown Silk Natural Form Silk Traveling Dress

Detail of back of Black and Brown Silk Natural Form Silk Traveling Dress. the tassel looks so comfy to sit on. hope you're not traveling too far

Parasol Made Of Silk, Wood And Metal - American  c.1880-1890  -  The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

Umbrellas Parasols, Vintage Parasol, Parasols Umbrellas, Parasol S

Afternoon Dress    Charles Fredrick Worth, 1875

Afternoon dress Design House: House of Worth (French, Designer: Charles Frederick Worth (French (born England), Bourne Paris) Date: ca. 1875 Culture: French Medium: silk Dimensions: Length at CB (a): 28 in. cm) Length at CB (b): 61 in.


dress open back jewelry jewels backlace necklace chain jewelled dress ralph lauren silber grey bling crystals elegant chic black

Parasols in this era were often collapsible as this one is (the hinge is inside the black part of the handle). I love the black lace overlay... oh, I'm inspired to go convert my white modern parasol to something that looks like this!

Parasol Date: Culture: French Medium: silk, metal, wood, ivory Dimensions: 22 in. cm) Credit Line: Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art,

1880s fashion plate. (OMG! I'm dressing my kids like that!!!!!!!)

Mother and children in indoor costume French fashion plate Jules David Reproduction

Parasol Made Of Silk, Wood, Metal And Ivory - American  c.1850-1860  -  The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

Parasol American, Silk, wood, metal, ivory Ca. The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

1880's taffeta and silk brocade.

Taffeta and Silk Brocade Dress front

Portrait of Rayevskaya c.1870, Ivan Kuzmich? Makarov

history-of-fashion: “ ab. 1870 Ivan Makarov - Portrait of Maria Grigorievna Rayevskaya ”