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:c No właśniee :c

They are our friends, companions, and protectors, They are our family members in furry coats, They give us everything that they are and ask only to be loved. Let us be worthy of their devotion. (author unknown) Via The Rainbow Bridge.


I have grow up a little. I'm more mindful of what my words can do to people. I feel empowered and proud of who I am becoming.



Ehh właśnie ...

a l e y Hoch dream jar. except for this could be our 'bucket list' and we could draw out random things and then do them! maybe in a perfect world when we have a ton of mulah. we can dream, though. that's why it's called a dream jar.

Oczywiście <3

Go ahead. But I know it's killing you ;

Nie ! ;*

Great communication will help you get what you want. Sure, some people are just naturally charismatic just as some are just naturally superior athletes, but we can all become excellent communicators by continually tweaking small things.